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Room Cleaning Progress - end of day 2

Ok, so the legend of cleaning my room continues.

Recently I started cleaning my room again. Today is day 2. I just want to go over how much I got done. Unfortunately its not as easy as most rooms since by cleaning my room I somehow also mean cleaning up my DATA. This is a huge undertaking in itself, on top of going through GINORMOUS stacks of paper to see what I need to keep and what I need to SHREAD. Yesterday, I started off by cleaning my desktops. Oddly enough, I cleaned my computer desktop, and I cleaned my physical desktop (so I can put my computer on it). Today, I cleared out the drawer immediately under where my computer now is (below my desk). I found a binder in my drawer that I have looked at every time I opened that drawer for the past 12 years, but today I opened that binder to find out it contained not mine, but my friends 12 year old homework assignments:

Seriously all this time that binder has been taking up the majority of the space in my drawer and I find out 12 years later its not even mine!?

I changed, I started ruthlessly throwing away stuff I never use. Stuff that I used to keep "just in case" or because "it had some value". Today i threw away at least 3-5 things that I could sell for $5-$10 each. Why? It simply isn't worth the hassle. For example, old CPU's, enormous quantities of unused staples. If I don't need it, why in the world should I keep it and have it take up space!? If anyone reading this wants nearly 5000 staples, let me know and you can have it! Comes in a neat and tidy box. Otherwise I'm gonna leave them in my car and drop them off at my hotel the next time I'm there so at least they will go to use. I'm also throwing away a stapler, so same thing goes for that if you want it let me know its old but works, somewhat compact, and black and standard looking.

I also went through all the plastic cards I've acquired recently. Heathcare memberships, AAA, old creditcards, ID, library cards, old school IDs, AMC movie watcher cards. I even found one card that I have NO FUCKING IDEA what it does. I also found an old Bestbuy gift card. Its so old the number is almost rubbed off, but I could see it so I called the number on the card (this card must be pre internet, I mean aren't there websites to check gift card balances these days!?). There is actually money on it!

Speaking of money, I keep finding some! Holy crap it scares me to think how much big stacks of money are lying around my house because I found probably $8.71 worth (some of it was Japanese Yen, so it would depend on the exchange rate...) so far. I found this TINY TINY plastic ziplock bag so I squished all my yen coins in there and since it wouldn't close, I wrapped it up with electrical tape instead. You think I'm joking, don't you?

I also found a bunch of phone numbers written on various pieces of paper. Since I was late to the cellphone bandwagon, I remember thats how I used to keep phone numbers of people I know (and since my friends had cellphones, I'd borrow them to call people I knew). One of my friends Eliza even recopied all my phone numbers onto a 3x5 index card (from various scraps of paper which were fading) back then, and in the process wrote HER OWN NUMBER WRONG. Who does that!? LOL!

The small stack on the right is my Japanese yen coins in a tiny plastic ziplock bag sealed with electrical tape for WIN.

Actually, the phone numbers I found that was not a part of that "summarized index card" were mostly girls. I am so pimp. I even found the phone number (home) and pager number of the prettiest girl in my high school. What? You don't know what a pager is?

Tomorrow my Dad is going out of town for a bit, and he has a big, fat, juicy paper shredder. Seriously its hard core, I think it could dice up iPod Nanos and puree a buffalo if I could squeeze them in that little slit. It even eats CDs for breakfast (I kid you not, this feature was actually advertised on the box when we bought it!)

Oh, by the way, I kept the index card Eliza wrote for me, LOL. I can't throw that away, it would be WRONG.

My drawer is very empty now.

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