gxcad (gxcad) wrote,

General life update summary

Just got back from a 3 week trip to Japan. I know, I know, most of you didn't even notice I was gone. In my defense it was EXTREMELY sudden. I bought my tickets just days before I left (which subsequently got very busy, due to preparations).

A very rapid topic switch, but you know something really lame? I have been using a iPhone 3G for the past couple years. I also had a iPhone 3Gs (the updated one) that I couldn't use because I have T-Mobile and at the time it couldn't be hacked. Turns out it could be hacked all along and I could of been using it the past 3 months.

Not a big deal until you think about how it takes better video and photos compared to the 3G. Wish my photos and videos I've taken since then were better quality.

Anyway, thats my story of the day. I'm trying to actually get it working as we speak. In the end, its the results that matter.

Since I went to Japan I just sort of abandoned my CCNA class. Don't worry, I took it as credit/no credit so at least it won't appear on my records. Back to square one though, but I hope I can still download my MSDNAA to get my copy(s) of Win7 tomorrow. Its actually tomorrow right now (Saturday).

This will be the first Saturday in several years that I don't have work, with the exception of if I have been out of the country, or extremely sick. That is a weird but exciting feeling, since I'll be able to hang out with my friends during the daytime!

I really wonder how many friendships I've put on hold or gotten more distant because I couldn't hang out on weekends? PLENTY I'm sure. I've gotten extremely unfit as a result, due to severe lack of outdoor activity.

In other news, I'm following the world cup and my team preference is Japan. Normally they are pretty weak but they got through the first round! Since I've been in Japan the past 3 weeks I've been following it in Japan and its borderline hysteria over there, all over television. My grandparents were complaining there is nothing good to watch on TV because all the usual shows are canceled in favor of World Cup coverage LOL! And they are playing really well especially this one new guy his last name is Honda and I'm really excited about him because he is really good and I get a really good impression from him when I watch his interview.

I hope they win their next match. Since I don't have cable I'm gonna probably go to my hotel if they have an extra room to watch the match. They say its on June 29th but I'm not sure what time that is in USA pacific! I guess I better find out. Their next opponent (Paraguay) is also one of the weakest out of the leftover teams (according to world rankings) so couldn't ask for much more. If they beat Paraguay though, their next opponent will be either Spain or Portugal (world ranking #2 and #3, respectively). So, the following round opponent will be VERY tough no matter what happens...only Brazil is ranked higher.

...aaand that is the summary. Post again next month? LOL

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