gxcad (gxcad) wrote,

Perhaps my LJ has a purpose afterall.

I have to admit, today I am in a bad mood. A lot of things just keep testing my patience and I'm just going to blurt this out without any sugar coating. It may or may not insult you.

I've tried to make peace with Facebook, but more and more I realized facebook never fails to piss me off. More and more I see them as the corporation that doesn't give a shit about its users until it starts to threaten their bottom line in some way.

My job has pissed me off the last (X time units of your choice). My owners are not bad people...mostly...I just think they are unintentionally pushing my buttons and indirectly insulting me. I understand My manager is most certainly one of the most awesome bosses I will EVER have, make no mistake I have absolutely ZERO complaints about him or any of the housekeeping staff - wonderful people. Ultimately though, our owners do not allow our staff to do a job that they or I or the Manager are satisfied with. The owner seems to think that hiring me full time will solve my job search. This is indirectly insulting - I do not wish to work here as a career after completing my bachelors degree when I could easily and realistically be earning three times as much money without having to deal with an unsatisfying job. I don't have a full time job because I DON'T WANT ONE YET. Now I'm kinda forced to work full time because one of our great desk staff left and the owner left on vacation with instructions not to rehire. What are we supposed to do?

My fellow desk staff are great too, with one exception. One of the desk staff is INCREDIBLY LAZY and takes no measures to do a good job. He does the bare minimum and is generally irritating to watch or see the results of his work. His lack of work will always translate to us correcting his mistakes. Some of it is a born inability to learn the job - he is just not that good at it. We have had one such clerk in the past, but he was a good worker with good intentions and did try to correct any shortcoming, our current guy can easily be seen pushing his work onto us. He will not have his work done when we relieve him, leaves garbage everywhere, does a bad job and makes no effort to fix anything himself if it won't effect his shift. I was willing to believe he was a good guy too, until I realized he lied about doing the security walkthroughs during the night. He said he did it many times in the hotel notes system, but when I check the security cameras, he never shows up. The other guys show up exactly when the notes said they did the walkthrough. He gets to continue working because he doesn't count as part of the payroll - meaning we do not exceed the number of people working for the company to qualify as a "small business". Apparently small businesses don't have to provide healthcare for their full time employees, plus of course they can pay him below minimum wage, and have him work 7 days a week. The owners are not too good at seeing this as a cause for losing future business, they only see less money flowing out now, which is always good to them. Less spending = win if you ask them. They'd spend $0 if they could.

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