Well, here is my update from the middle of day 5. It is safe to say I will get little to nothing done for the rest of day 5 for starters.

Day 3 - Some Shredding - Day 3 was pretty unproductive, especially compared to day 1 and 2. All I was able to accomplish was to bring down my dads super shredder (which must weight like 20-30lbs btw!) and shread maybe 20-40 sheets of paper (which means thats all that I threw away on day 3). I also shredded all of the cards (creditcard sized cards) that I had that were utterly useless such as my SF and SJ library cards (which haven't been used in at least 5 years). Old AAA membership cards, other OLD membership cards (current ones that have had use within 1 or 2 years were kept). Although I am being much more ruthless than usual about what I throw away, I am still keeping things of reasonable size that have sentimental value. So while I may not keep my huge items, I am keeping things like cards and notes I've received.

Day 4: - Google Voice - I honestly don't think I did ANYTHING on Day 4 with regards to cleaning my room. I did however start messing around with Google Voice, so you could say I learned about what Google Voice is - and signed up. Since Google Voice is such a big deal these days and relates to my industry of expertise, its not unproductive to learn about it, you could argue. Google voice gives everyone a free new phone number which you can choose (from what is available) I got a cool new phone number that you can dial if you wanted to, its pretty easy to remember :). Works just as if you called my current number. GV also has an option where you don't have to pick a new number, and it'll just simply take over your voicemail. Its like Youmail, only better and completely free even for the advanced features. Here is a breakdown of the coolest features of GV's voicemail portion:

1. You can have a VERY SHORT outgoing message with none of that "if you would like to send a message press blah blah if you would like to leave a message please stay on the line" BULLCRAP that takes like 45 seconds. My outgoing message just picks up and says "Ken's Voicemail" *beep*. This feature was also present in Youmail.

2. You can have customized outgoing messages which change automatically based on who is calling you. I used to have messages such as "You have reached Ken, who is INCREDIBLY BUSY at the moment, please leave a message and he will get back to you in *robotic voice* 4192 hours" when I get calls from work, or outgoing messages in Japanese for people I knew who spoke Japanese. This feature was also present in Youmail.

3. One of the COOLEST features of the Google voicemail is the speech to text transcription. Anyone who leaves you a voicemail is reasonably clear english will automatically get translated to text and emailed to you. Since I have push notification, as soon as I get an email my phone lets me know and I can go and READ the message that was left for me, or listen to it from the attached soundfile. The text transcription is SURPRISINGLY ACCURATE! Youmail had this feature, but it cost money. Google's version is completely free.

Unfortunately, as famously published many times such as here, Apple has rejected Google's official app for iPhone (shortly after accepting it, I've heard). Many speculate this is due to AT&T's influence, since Google Voice has a lot of features that replicate what AT&T charges money for, only Google does it all for free (or very cheap, if we are talking about international calls). For that reason, GV support on iPhone is clearly behind that of Android (which sounds really well integrated). People with Android phones who don't have Google Voice better look it up! *hint hint to someone who reads my blog and recently got a brand new Android phone!*

Plans for the next couple of days:

Well, rather than cleaning my data (which is just as big if not a bigger deal than cleaning my physical room), I decided I'll clean my actual room instead, since it physically gets in the way, while data is not messy when my computer is off. I also want to spend some time learning 2 things that have been around in the technology world and I think I should understand better. Those 2 things are RSS feeds and Wordpress. I do think I will be transitioning my blog to Wordpress pretty soon, and I want to use it and understand what it is capable of. After I weigh the benefits of LJ, I think recently that comes down to almost nothing. The main benefit of LJ is that people who already have accounts can comment easily on my posts, and the "friends page" gives a good summary of every friends latest posts, but since my friends recently don't post at all, and Wordpress has good support for guests wishing to post comments, I basically am ready to ditch LJ in the coming months.

Learning about exactly what RSS feeds are (in more detail - I know the basics) should just be a short reading session in a web browser. Will try to update regularly.

Room Cleaning Progress - end of day 2

Ok, so the legend of cleaning my room continues.

Recently I started cleaning my room again. Today is day 2. I just want to go over how much I got done. Unfortunately its not as easy as most rooms since by cleaning my room I somehow also mean cleaning up my DATA. This is a huge undertaking in itself, on top of going through GINORMOUS stacks of paper to see what I need to keep and what I need to SHREAD. Yesterday, I started off by cleaning my desktops. Oddly enough, I cleaned my computer desktop, and I cleaned my physical desktop (so I can put my computer on it). Today, I cleared out the drawer immediately under where my computer now is (below my desk). I found a binder in my drawer that I have looked at every time I opened that drawer for the past 12 years, but today I opened that binder to find out it contained not mine, but my friends 12 year old homework assignments:

Seriously all this time that binder has been taking up the majority of the space in my drawer and I find out 12 years later its not even mine!?

I changed, I started ruthlessly throwing away stuff I never use. Stuff that I used to keep "just in case" or because "it had some value". Today i threw away at least 3-5 things that I could sell for $5-$10 each. Why? It simply isn't worth the hassle. For example, old CPU's, enormous quantities of unused staples. If I don't need it, why in the world should I keep it and have it take up space!? If anyone reading this wants nearly 5000 staples, let me know and you can have it! Comes in a neat and tidy box. Otherwise I'm gonna leave them in my car and drop them off at my hotel the next time I'm there so at least they will go to use. I'm also throwing away a stapler, so same thing goes for that if you want it let me know its old but works, somewhat compact, and black and standard looking.

I also went through all the plastic cards I've acquired recently. Heathcare memberships, AAA, old creditcards, ID, library cards, old school IDs, AMC movie watcher cards. I even found one card that I have NO FUCKING IDEA what it does. I also found an old Bestbuy gift card. Its so old the number is almost rubbed off, but I could see it so I called the number on the card (this card must be pre internet, I mean aren't there websites to check gift card balances these days!?). There is actually money on it!

Speaking of money, I keep finding some! Holy crap it scares me to think how much big stacks of money are lying around my house because I found probably $8.71 worth (some of it was Japanese Yen, so it would depend on the exchange rate...) so far. I found this TINY TINY plastic ziplock bag so I squished all my yen coins in there and since it wouldn't close, I wrapped it up with electrical tape instead. You think I'm joking, don't you?

I also found a bunch of phone numbers written on various pieces of paper. Since I was late to the cellphone bandwagon, I remember thats how I used to keep phone numbers of people I know (and since my friends had cellphones, I'd borrow them to call people I knew). One of my friends Eliza even recopied all my phone numbers onto a 3x5 index card (from various scraps of paper which were fading) back then, and in the process wrote HER OWN NUMBER WRONG. Who does that!? LOL!

The small stack on the right is my Japanese yen coins in a tiny plastic ziplock bag sealed with electrical tape for WIN.

Actually, the phone numbers I found that was not a part of that "summarized index card" were mostly girls. I am so pimp. I even found the phone number (home) and pager number of the prettiest girl in my high school. What? You don't know what a pager is?

Tomorrow my Dad is going out of town for a bit, and he has a big, fat, juicy paper shredder. Seriously its hard core, I think it could dice up iPod Nanos and puree a buffalo if I could squeeze them in that little slit. It even eats CDs for breakfast (I kid you not, this feature was actually advertised on the box when we bought it!)

Oh, by the way, I kept the index card Eliza wrote for me, LOL. I can't throw that away, it would be WRONG.

My drawer is very empty now.

General life update summary

Just got back from a 3 week trip to Japan. I know, I know, most of you didn't even notice I was gone. In my defense it was EXTREMELY sudden. I bought my tickets just days before I left (which subsequently got very busy, due to preparations).

A very rapid topic switch, but you know something really lame? I have been using a iPhone 3G for the past couple years. I also had a iPhone 3Gs (the updated one) that I couldn't use because I have T-Mobile and at the time it couldn't be hacked. Turns out it could be hacked all along and I could of been using it the past 3 months.

Not a big deal until you think about how it takes better video and photos compared to the 3G. Wish my photos and videos I've taken since then were better quality.

Anyway, thats my story of the day. I'm trying to actually get it working as we speak. In the end, its the results that matter.

Since I went to Japan I just sort of abandoned my CCNA class. Don't worry, I took it as credit/no credit so at least it won't appear on my records. Back to square one though, but I hope I can still download my MSDNAA to get my copy(s) of Win7 tomorrow. Its actually tomorrow right now (Saturday).

This will be the first Saturday in several years that I don't have work, with the exception of if I have been out of the country, or extremely sick. That is a weird but exciting feeling, since I'll be able to hang out with my friends during the daytime!

I really wonder how many friendships I've put on hold or gotten more distant because I couldn't hang out on weekends? PLENTY I'm sure. I've gotten extremely unfit as a result, due to severe lack of outdoor activity.

In other news, I'm following the world cup and my team preference is Japan. Normally they are pretty weak but they got through the first round! Since I've been in Japan the past 3 weeks I've been following it in Japan and its borderline hysteria over there, all over television. My grandparents were complaining there is nothing good to watch on TV because all the usual shows are canceled in favor of World Cup coverage LOL! And they are playing really well especially this one new guy his last name is Honda and I'm really excited about him because he is really good and I get a really good impression from him when I watch his interview.

I hope they win their next match. Since I don't have cable I'm gonna probably go to my hotel if they have an extra room to watch the match. They say its on June 29th but I'm not sure what time that is in USA pacific! I guess I better find out. Their next opponent (Paraguay) is also one of the weakest out of the leftover teams (according to world rankings) so couldn't ask for much more. If they beat Paraguay though, their next opponent will be either Spain or Portugal (world ranking #2 and #3, respectively). So, the following round opponent will be VERY tough no matter what happens...only Brazil is ranked higher.

...aaand that is the summary. Post again next month? LOL

Perhaps my LJ has a purpose afterall.

I have to admit, today I am in a bad mood. A lot of things just keep testing my patience and I'm just going to blurt this out without any sugar coating. It may or may not insult you.

I've tried to make peace with Facebook, but more and more I realized facebook never fails to piss me off. More and more I see them as the corporation that doesn't give a shit about its users until it starts to threaten their bottom line in some way.

My job has pissed me off the last (X time units of your choice). My owners are not bad people...mostly...I just think they are unintentionally pushing my buttons and indirectly insulting me. I understand My manager is most certainly one of the most awesome bosses I will EVER have, make no mistake I have absolutely ZERO complaints about him or any of the housekeeping staff - wonderful people. Ultimately though, our owners do not allow our staff to do a job that they or I or the Manager are satisfied with. The owner seems to think that hiring me full time will solve my job search. This is indirectly insulting - I do not wish to work here as a career after completing my bachelors degree when I could easily and realistically be earning three times as much money without having to deal with an unsatisfying job. I don't have a full time job because I DON'T WANT ONE YET. Now I'm kinda forced to work full time because one of our great desk staff left and the owner left on vacation with instructions not to rehire. What are we supposed to do?

My fellow desk staff are great too, with one exception. One of the desk staff is INCREDIBLY LAZY and takes no measures to do a good job. He does the bare minimum and is generally irritating to watch or see the results of his work. His lack of work will always translate to us correcting his mistakes. Some of it is a born inability to learn the job - he is just not that good at it. We have had one such clerk in the past, but he was a good worker with good intentions and did try to correct any shortcoming, our current guy can easily be seen pushing his work onto us. He will not have his work done when we relieve him, leaves garbage everywhere, does a bad job and makes no effort to fix anything himself if it won't effect his shift. I was willing to believe he was a good guy too, until I realized he lied about doing the security walkthroughs during the night. He said he did it many times in the hotel notes system, but when I check the security cameras, he never shows up. The other guys show up exactly when the notes said they did the walkthrough. He gets to continue working because he doesn't count as part of the payroll - meaning we do not exceed the number of people working for the company to qualify as a "small business". Apparently small businesses don't have to provide healthcare for their full time employees, plus of course they can pay him below minimum wage, and have him work 7 days a week. The owners are not too good at seeing this as a cause for losing future business, they only see less money flowing out now, which is always good to them. Less spending = win if you ask them. They'd spend $0 if they could.

Guys like to claim some hot girl is their gf on the internet.

I love how (mostly guys) get tempted to say some insanely hot girl is their girlfriend to people on the internet thinking they will never find out. The crazy thing is its pretty damn obvious because if they really were their gf, they would also be in the pic 90%+ of the time, holding their gf in the typical 'couple picture' pose. They usually choose some picture that doesn't look too professional or airbrushed, of a girl that is hot yet not too well known. I've seen in forums guys that tried to do this, get 'respect' comments, then get busted on the next page and become the 'forum liar'. In this particular case, the guy kept trying to say it was true it was true...gosh that made me cringe because it was such a blatant lie they may as well come clean and keep what dignity they had left.

Random blog I just started typing (recent shiet update)

So I decided to do some very minor updates to my site. I'm not sure what wordpress does, but I am thinking of trying it out. I just realized that sounds so funny. I sort of know what it is, just not how it works. It seems to be popular and a few credible people say its good or uses it for their site, so I thought maybe I should look into it.

In other news, I bought a Mac Pro. No, not a new one that would cost at least $2200+, but an old model I found on Craiglist for an excellent deal. Without getting into exactly how much it was, its <$1k, which is very hard to find for ANY Mac Pro no matter how old it is. Mine had/has a few cosmetic defects, including a bent front handle on the casing, but I fixed it with napkins, random blocks of wood, screwdrivers, and hammers. Without getting too technical (or should I?) it is several times faster than my previous computer when it comes to video editing (rendering) which makes it much easier for me to make videos! Yet I still don't have much to show for it *sobs*.

My room is probably the greatest mess it has EVER been and I'm trying to clean it a bit over the course of this week (have failed probably 2 or 3 weeks in a row now). I've managed to keep my table clear for a few weeks now but even that is getting in danger. When it was clean the ONLY things on the table were: speakers, monitor, external harddrive, keyboard, and mouse! Now there is at least 15 items plus a small stack of paper! Must clean it again before it gets out of hand (and go through that small stack of paper!)

Haven't had much luck looking for a 'proper' full time job and still working where I used to work as it is better than nothing. I just signed up for some Cisco classes at a community college recently to see if I can add some skills to my resume. They are all evening classes anyway, so I'm still free to work M-F if needed without having to stop going to classes.

Well, I'm going to go start trying to either clean my room, make a video, or go out!

Oh here is a photo I took of something I made to eat last night. Its following my philosophy again of 'if it tastes good on its own, then it must taste good thrown all together, right?' It has natto, avocado, rice, umeboshi, ochazuke, hot water, furikake, salmon, and a pinch of soy sause. I think the only thing missing from my usual list of ingredients is curry!

And the Mac Pro I'm now using :)


3 Things

Today I am going to write about 3 things. This is the first time in MANY months I am updating not because I feel my LJ is neglected, but because I really want to talk about something.

The first thing is Magic Mouse. I recently acquired a used broken magic mouse for cheap. Today Apple replaced it with a brand new sealed one for FREEEEE! I'm quite chuffed about that!

The second thing is old photos. Eliza (arnogseel ) sent me old photos of me and my friends from early days in college. Those were the days man! It was really only a handful of photos but it really reminded me how much fun I had in my early days of college. Having big groups of friends and hanging out nearly every day (and certainly every Friday night) is really cool. Blian was in the photos and he was HUGE! And of course I was in them too and I was much thinner too. Looks like we swapped places LOL. To be perfectly honest and pretty narcicisstic at the same time, I think everyone except Blian looked even better than they do now and I was actually shocked at how good I looked LOL. I usually consider myself not very photogenic so I was really surprised to see I didn't look awkward in the old photos. Thanks for sending them Eliza!

The third thing is Project Gotham Racing. It will mean very little to anyone who reads this, but today me and Blian played video games until 2am and finally got world ranking #1 and the last car 'unlocked' (which is a Ferrari FXX, my favorite car in the game). Essentially, this means we 'beat' the game since we got all the objectives. We have been playing this game on and off over the last 18 to 24 months, and I really never thought much of it that we never completed it, nor did I care. But when we 'beat' the game today, I felt this nice little feeling of satisfaction. :)

Honestly, it was an awesome day as usual. I also managed to squeeze in working at the hotel for a short 2.5 hour shift, which is VERY RARE. It was very pleasant and it flew by like I was hardly there.

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 LJ tells me I haven't posted in a double digit number of weeks. It was either 14 or 17 weeks I forgot lol *checks*

So, LJ tells me I haven't posted in 14 weeks.

I don't really know what to blog anymore. I feel like I should keep doing it especially as I found out my friends are still doing it (after a hiatus, or maybe they just resumed a little during the holidays). Not much has been happening, other than I graduated from school!

Aaaand now I am tired. Good job *pats on back*